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At STN, we are all about getting you into uncrowded surf. Here are some of the higlights of over 15 different surf spots that we get you access to in our custom-built surf pange (yeah…we have a boat with T-top, board racks, and “Surf Tours Nicaragua I” is fully rigged for sport fishing) and in our two 4×4 rigs.

Check out the waves, and then head over and check out the Packages that we offer. Finally, Contact us to make reservations or for more information.



Our premier break at STN, located about 2 miles north and accessible only by boat or jet ski as its a long way offshore.  It is by far one of the longest and best waves in Nicaragua.  The initial take off zone to the end of the wave usually averages over 300 yards when it’s on.  It is mostly a sand bottom break, with some reef sections at certain points along this long wave, that allow for a variety of barrels and wally sections for the length of the ride.  It’s not uncommon to get two or three barrels on one wave!

Beginner (when really small) to Advanced



This is a Reef point break located right in front of the camp that holds the most swell in the area with three main take off spots.  The left is usually the best choice as it is a left point break.  The outside works at low tide and can hold sizable swell-it’s at it’s best when double over head, steep south swell and a minus tide.  When conditions are like this, it’s one of the best and most challenging waves in all Central America.  When the swell is smaller and during a higher tide, the inside and third take off zone can get pretty good.  This inside section, best between waist head high, is a fast, reefy left that you need to make or you run the risk of going into the shallow rocks.

Intermediate to Advanced



Just 200 meters North of Miramar Point and in front of where a big pipe sticks out of the ground, there’s a reef break sections with rights and a better peeling left.  Somewhat deceiving, Pipes looks like a beach break, but beware, especially on the dropping tide, a shallow reed lurks below,  This wave can get very hollow and fast, especially the right take off that wedges up from the reef then fizzles out pretty quick. The left is a ripple wave with frequent barrels and it has a tempting close out end section, but watch out because it’s shall and landing an air or big maneuver can land you on the rocks.

Inside beach good for beginners

The reef good for intermediate to advanced



Hollow, F-A-S-T left point breaking over a shallow reef. True it is shallow, rocky and heavy, but arguably one of the best waves in all of Central America. It can be a good place to surf with your favorite pro, possibly get a deep one yourself, or just to watch while enjoying a Pina Colada in the infinity pool. Only small groups are allowed (3 max)

Expert Only!